Keep your school running smoothly with our School Management Software. We provide a variety of features that are very beneficial for controlling your school management.


A school Management System is an information management system for educational institutions that manage all student’s and teacher’s data. It provides all key features such as registration of students in classes, documenting of grades and analytical marks of each student, and other evaluation elements. A school management system is used for planning student’s data and curriculum activities, recording their attendance, and managing all class schedules through the system.

The School Management system proposes a comprehensive System that manages complete students’ data and records, different types of fees, promotions, and all activities that help to run the transition of daily working in the school premises.

If you are still using the old method for attendance, reported or result cards, and notice boards, you should change your old registered method to digital. We feel there is a need to automate and have an online school management system that curates all the educational essentials together, makes the administrative tasks easier, is easy to understand, and saves you a lot of time. Lucky for us both, you are at the right place.

ACT School / ACT college is a very user-friendly online web-based software for your day-to-day school management. It helps you manage the full record online and access it easily, whether it’s a student’s personal information and academic records – scholastic helps you bear all of your tedious work within minutes which you have been managing in excel or papers.

Along with SMS alerts ACT-ELMS also offers a customized web portal & Mobile apps for parents to review their children’s academic performance, attendance record, fee record online easily.

Key Features:

  • One-Click Attendance
  • Powerful Fees Collection Module
  • Manage all front office related activities
  • Enrolling new students and activation of online scheduling.
  • Managing extra curriculum activities
  • Manage the admission or registration processes.
  • Student History in detailed
  • Teacher’s Restricted Mode
  • Track Everything in your Institution with software
  • Calendar and To-Do List for Yourself & Staff
  • Parent Portal for Student Monitoring
  • Easy Enable and Disable Students or Staff
  • Enable & Disable Software Modules on One-Click
  • CMS to Manage your School Website
  • Student Admission Form
  • Most Flexible Examination Module
  • Print Student Certificates, Letters, and Student ID Cards
  • Create Homework for Students
  • Customer Friendly Dedicated Technical Support
  • Modern & Responsive User-Friendly Interface
  • Super Rich Business Intelligence Reports
  • High-Performance Software and Server